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Cat Boarding FAQs

February 1 2024

It’s no secret that cats are independent creatures. In fact, with no need for walks and most of their time spent napping, they’re pretty low-maintenance companions. However, this doesn’t mean Fluffy can thrive entirely on her own. She still requires daily meals, fresh water, and plenty of mental and physical stimulation. If you’re planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, it’s crucial to make proper arrangements for Fluffy’s care. 

While most cats would be fine on their own overnight, if you’re planning on being gone any longer than that, it’s best to have a sitter or boarding option in place. Boarding is the preferred choice as leaving pets alone for long stretches of time can be risky. You just never know when something could go wrong while nobody’s there. To learn more about cat boarding in Lake Murray, OK, keep reading.

Choosing A Cat Boarding Facility

Taking your time to choose the purrfect place for your cat’s boarding will help ensure that your pet is in safe hands. You don’t want to leave your beloved pet with just anyone!

Start by doing your own research. Read reviews and ask your friends and family members for personal recommendations. Visit the facility and ask to see the area where your cat pal will be kept.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, we suggest asking the following questions:

  • Are there separate areas for cats and dogs?
  • Can you tell me how often my cat will be fed?
  • What is the frequency of water changes?
  • How do you handle emergencies?
  • What kind of training has the staff undergone?
  • Do you have a vet on call or on site?
  • Is there climate control?
  • How loud is the kennel?
  • How often do you change the litterboxes?
  • Can you tell me about your kitty amenities?

Feel free to add your own questions to this list. The more you know, the better.

Should I Bring My Cat To The Kennel For A Short Stay?

Cats are known for being creatures of habit. Fluffy likely has a set routine that includes napping, grooming, relaxing, snuggling, and playing at specific times each day. To prepare your furry companion for a longer kennel stay in the future, consider bringing her in for a trial run. A short overnight stay can be beneficial in getting her accustomed to the new environment. While your cat may initially be thrown off by the change in routine, it’s important for her to adjust to the kennel beforehand. This way, when you’re gone for an extended period of time, she will already feel more comfortable in her surroundings.

Do I Need To Take My Cat To The Vet Before She Stays In The Kennel?

The importance of keeping your cat up to date on vaccines and parasite control products cannot be overstated. Any reputable boarding facility will mandate this. In fact, you should run away from any kennel that doesn’t require copies of this paperwork. Most facilities will require proof that Fluffy is current on her core vaccines, and sometimes even a few that are non-core.

There may be a bit of a grey area here. For example, if you have a kitten, there may be a period when she isn’t considered “fully” vaccinated. That’s because some vaccines are administered in a series, over a period of time. For this reason, many kennels won’t accept kittens younger than sixteen weeks. For more information, talk to your Lake Murray, OK vet.

What Should I Pack For My Cat’s Boarding Stay?

There are a few things you’ll need to bring along to help make your feline friend’s stay more comfortable. First on this list is her preferred food. If you plan on making any changes to Fluffy’s diet, we recommend not doing so just before boarding. Dietary changes should be made gradually. Changing Fluffy’s menu just before she goes to the kennel could upset her tummy, which won’t make her stay very pleasant.

Speaking of food, we also recommend bringing extra, just in case something unexpected happens and you end up getting delayed. Portioning it out and putting it into labeled bags is also something most Lake Murray, OK cat boarding facilities appreciate.

You should also bring a few additional comfort items along, like your cat’s favorite toys, her pet bed, and anything else you think will make her feel safe and secure. It’s not a bad idea to bring something that has your scent on it, such as a shirt you recently wore. Just remember to label everything clearly.

Do Cats Get Upset When We Leave For Vacation?

While it may not seem like it, cats are actually much more emotional than many people realize. In fact, kitties get very attached to their human companions, regardless of how cold or aloof they may sometimes act. 

Although your feline pal may absolutely love her temporary digs, she’ll definitely miss you. She’ll also miss being in her own home, so don’t be surprised if she becomes extremely cuddly and affectionate when you return.

Is My Cat Going To Remember Me After Boarding?

Don’t worry—Fluffy won’t forget you! Cats generally have good memories. In fact, they typically think of their humans as second parents.

What Should I Expect After Boarding My Cat?

Returning home after being away for some time is quite similar for cats as it is for humans. Your feline friend will probably be relieved to sleep in her own bed, and ready to resume her busy daily routine of doing nothing. Fluffy may also have a stronger appetite than usual when you return home. Offer a special treat and perhaps a new toy to get her little motor going again.

Don’t be surprised if your kitty is especially clingy for a bit after you return home. She may not want to let you out of her sight for a while!

What’s The Best Way To Get My Cat Used To Her Carrier?

Some cats don’t mind traveling, but the majority are homebodies. Kitties often get scared and upset when they are taken out of their comfortable kingdoms. And as you’ve probably noticed by now, Fluffy is also not a fan of car rides.

You can help your furry friend get used to her carrier by leaving it out between appointments. Put bedding, catnip, and toys inside it to make it more comfortable and inviting. It may also be helpful if you offer treats and praise to your feline buddy near the carrier. This can help Fluffy develop positive associations with it. You might want to try tucking it in a quiet corner, to provide your pet with a nice retreat.

If none of this works, try telling her to stay out of it. Chances are, she’ll jump right in!

Visit Our Lake Murray, OK Kennel To Book Your Pet’s Stay

Looking for a safe, comfortable place to care for your pet while you’re away? We offer top-notch care, along with several feline-friendly amenities.

As an experienced Lake Murray, OK cat boarding facility, we are also here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about boarding your cat. Contact us any time. We are here to help!

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