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And Meow, A Word About Rescue Cats

March 1 2024

The 2nd of March is International Rescue Cat Day. We’re excited to give Fluffy her moment in the spotlight! Many of our feline patients were rescues. While many may have suffered adversity, many of those adorable kitties are now enjoying the comfortable lives of spoiled pets, napping, investigating whatever boxes their humans bring home, and simply being cute. Giving a feline in need a second chance is a simple act of kindness that could have a profound effect on both your and Fluffy’s lives. This article features a local Ardmore, OKah veterinarian talking about rescue kittens.

What Is Some Adoption Advice for Getting Rescue Cats?

There are several things to take into account before adopting Fluffy! We also have a few tips.

Look at the big picture: Consider the remainder of your household. This includes other pets, children, and any roommates you may have, as well as your schedule and finances. Make certain that you are ready, willing, and able to look after Fluffy for the rest of her natural life.

Give Fluffy a peaceful spot to settle in: This is especially important if you have more pets! Keep them separate until your Ardmore, OK veterinarian gives you the go-ahead.

Consider Obtaining Two Furballs: If you have no current pets, you might want to think about obtaining two kitties. If you adopt both at the same time, neither will feel as though your home is already theirs. Many felines benefit from companionship. Fluffy and Mittens may share many items, such as toys and furniture, so you won’t have to double your budget.

Be Ready To Commit: Adopting any type of animal is a lifetime commitment. 

Petproof Carefully: Kittens are really playful! Unfortunately, this can backfire. You will need to deal with any potential hazards.

This includes:

  • Rope and Strings
  • Plastic Bags or Wrappers
  • Paper Bags with Ties
  • Small or sharp objects, such as beads, safety pins, jewelry, and rubber bands.
  • Toxic Plants
  • Chemicals include cleaning products, fertilizers, insecticides, and automobiles.
  • Medication, Both Prescription And OTC

We also recommend that your windows and doors close tightly. Contact your veterinarian for further information.

Don’t be surprised if your heart melts the first time Fluffy cuddles up to you or begins purring after you pet her. Rescuing a kitten can be an enjoyable experience. It’s also a purrfect way to find your feline buddy!

How Do I Get A Rescued Cat To Bond With Me?

The old song title, You Can’t Hurry Love, is especially apt here. Don’t draw attention to Fluffy; she needs to feel protected and trust you. It may take some time.

Again, this will be different for each individual kitten. Fluffy may quickly decide you’re the bee’s knees and want to snuggle with you anytime she can. She may also be more hesitant.

Here are a few tips:

Offer Little Luxuries: Offering kitty comforts such as beds, boxes, cat towers, scratching posts, nibbles, and catnip will make your feline companion feel more at ease and safe. Window seats are also greatly valued.

Treats! Give Your Kitty Snacks. Tuna, simple, cooked chicken or fish, and/or cat treats are all excellent choices.

Let Kitty Have Her Say: Always let your kitty friend decide when cuddling time is finished. If she leaves, don’t force her; simply let her be.

Provide a Safe Space: If you have young children, other pets, or your home is noisy or chaotic, provide your feline companion safe places to hide if she becomes afraid. Kitty condos are great, but you may also provide a cozy box.

Strike Start A Conversation: Talk with your rescued cat. Use a friendly tone.

Reach a Hand of Friendship: Reach out to Fluffy. If she approaches, let her sniff your hand before gently caressing her ears or forehead.

Have Fun With Fluffy! Make time to play with your new furry friend! Holding a laser pointer or wand toy is a wonderful method to get the motor moving.

Affection: If your feline friend enjoys being petted, let her! Also, be sure to provide lap space if requested.

Ask your veterinarian for further information. We’re also happy to provide guidance on Fluffy’s nutritional and care needs.

What Are The Numbers On Rescue Cats?

The statistics for rescued pets are quite heartbreaking. Nobody knows exactly how many homeless cats are in the United States, although estimates range between 60 million and 100 million. Unfortunately, these figures seem to be increasing.

Every year, many of these cats wind up in shelters, but the outcome is not always positive. Shelters admit over 3.4 million cats per year. An estimated 1.3 million are adopted. Unfortunately, approximately 1.4% are euthanized.

Are Problems Common in Rescued Pets?

There is no standard response to this question. Our feline buddies are uniquely unique! Some rescue kitties stroll gently into their new homes, plop down in the middle of the living room floor, and act as if they have always been there. Others may require additional time to adjust. Certain felines may demand special treatment.

If you fall for a rescue cat who is recovering from illness or has special needs, talk to your Ardmore, OK veterinarian or the rescue shelter about Fluffy’s care needs.

Remember that a lot of cats have trouble with big changes. Fluffy may need time to adjust to her new environment and feel safe. Be patient and give your darling pet time to adjust. Time, love, and patience can make a huge impact here!

Why Are Rescue Kitties So Affectionate?

Many people say that their rescued pets are exceptionally loving and affectionate. While hard numbers on this topic are difficult to obtain, it makes sense. Our feline friends have good memories and recognize when someone has helped them. Even wild animals are known to show gratitude to humans who have helped them. Fluffy’s admiration for her savior is not surprising.

What Should One Do Immediately After Adopting A Cat?

Contact your vet! Your feline companion will require a complete nose-to-tail inspection. It’s also vital to get Fluffy current on any immunizations or parasite control meds she needs. If your feline companion has not yet been spayed or neutered, this should be booked as well. Do not forget about microchipping!

Aside from setting up that appointment, a trip to the pet store is very important. You will need to get some items for your feline buddy. Fluffy will need toys, dishes, a litterbox (with litter), a scratching post, a carrier, and a cozy bed. We’d also recommend getting a kitten tower, though this doesn’t have to happen immediately.

What Should I Do If I Find A Kitty In Need Of Assistance?

It depends on the circumstances! In many cases, this is a sign that the Universal Kitty Distribution System has been engaged.

The Universal Kitty Distribution System is occasionally used to connect cats with their owners. This is when kitties unexpectedly enter people’s lives. Fluffy, for example, may simply show up on someone’s porch or at their workplace, melt their hearts, and then find a human friend.

You are under no obligation to retain a cat that you find. Fluffy might still need your help, though.

If you come across a wounded or sick cat, we recommend that you take Fluffy to the veterinarian immediately. This may include going to an emergency clinic, but if it’s after hours and/or the cat doesn’t appear to need urgent immediate medical attention, you can bring Fluffy home first. Set up your feline buddy in a quiet, comfortable area with bedding, food, water, and a litterbox before bringing her in the next day.

We strongly advise you to confine her from all other pets and children until your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead.

Schedule An Appointment With Your Ardmore, OK Animal Hospital

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health or care? Please contact us at your Ardmore, OK pet hospital now! We are always delighted to help.

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