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Top Tips for Boarding Your Pet

April 1 2024

Is there a trip in your near future? If that is the case, you may soon be transporting your dog or cat to a pet motel for a little mini-vacation of their own. Finding the best spot to take your animal companion is extremely important! However, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while you plan. In this post, a local Lake Murray, OK kennel discusses a few common faux paws and provides some useful advice on boarding.

Schedule A Short Stay For Your Pet As A Trial Run

Before leaving your animal companion at their hotel for several days or longer, plan a quick getaway, such as an overnight stay. This will help both you and your beloved furry friend understand what to expect. It will also be less stressful for your pet.

Choose a Great Backup Contact

Kennels generally require secondary contact information. This makes sense: most people only board their animal companions while traveling. You may be unavailable, either because your phone is out of range or if you are in another time zone. The kennel has to make certain that they can contact someone if something happens while you’re gone.

Your backup contact should be someone you completely trust to make decisions regarding your pet’s care. In an emergency, that may even entail authorizing veterinary care, including surgical procedures. Ideally, this should be someone who lives close and knows your pet.

Talk to your backup to ensure that your wishes are understood. It may be advisable to put things in writing.

Take A Look Around the Kennel

Ask the kennel to show you where your dog or cat will be staying. The spaces should be clean, comfortable, air-conditioned, and well-ventilated. Fido and Fluffy should be kept in separate areas.

Provide All Of The Important Information

Your pet is one of a kind, and may have unique quirks or care needs. As previously said, all reputable kennels will require specific paperwork, like confirmation of ownership and immunizations. However, you may need to provide precise details about your furry friend. You do not have to tell the kennel about your pet’s ongoing saga with the squirrel across the street, or wax poetic about how adorable he is when he gets a new toy. However, information concerning your pet’s health or behavior is definitely relevant.  If your pet is allergic to wheat or is terrified of thunder, you’ll want to let them know 

Don’t Change Your Pet’s Food Just Before Boarding

Boarding ensures that your pet is well-cared for and protected while you are away. However, it can be somewhat stressful for animals. No matter how comfortable the kennel is, it’s safe to assume that your dog or cat would prefer staying at home. Major changes, such as going to a new place, can be very stressful for our animal companions. Pets, like people, can get upset tummies from stress. To avoid gastrointestinal problems, meal adjustments should always be implemented gradually.  If you do need to change your pet’s food, do it after you get home, unless your veterinarian recommends making the switch right away.

Pack Wisely

We always recommend packing an additional few days’ worth of food, supplements, and medicine just in case you are delayed. You’ll need to know what is and isn’t permitted. Different locations may have different rules and restrictions on bringing products like bedding and toys.

We would also suggest that you pack a few comfort items. Pets become quite attached to their owners. After all, their world revolves around you! Bring a comforting object, such as a favorite toy or a t-shirt that smells like you. This can make your pet’s trip less stressful.

Read The Documentation Carefully

Each kennel runs differently. What to pack, how frequently your pet will be walked or played with, emergency procedures, schedule, and perks: all of these variables differ by location. There may be instances where you are given the chance to indicate your choices. For example, many kennels offer extra walks or playtime as an upsell. Make sure you understand exactly what is and is not included.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

As mentioned above, all kennels function differently. You shouldn’t expect your new kennel to operate in the same way as the last one. Drop-off and pick-up timings and processes, add-ons, company hours, and even what you should and shouldn’t pack: these things can all differ drastically between places. You’ll also want to find out about things like when your pet will be walked, how often the kennels are cleaned, and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask about perks! 

Provide All The Required Paperwork

Any good kennel will want specific documentation, including immunization records. Check that you have submitted all necessary materials. Get this done as far in advance as possible.

Confirm Your Contact Information

Kennels usually verify information, but you should double-check what they have on file for you. This is especially important if you’ve moved, switched veterinarians, or changed your phone number.

 Avoid Long Goodbyes

Leaving your beloved buddy behind can be difficult, especially when they are giving you that mournful, accusing look. However, long, drawn-out goodbyes will just make things more difficult for both of you. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet. There will be ample opportunity for hugging and snuggles when you get home.

Do: Assess The Boarding Kennel 

Choosing a ‘pawesome’ kennel is critical! This is the only way to guarantee your furry friend’s safety, comfort, and well-being. It can also help you avoid a lot of difficulties. Do your due diligence on this. Read reviews and get suggestions from friends, family, and your Lake Murray, OK veterinarian.

Do: Find A Great Kennel And Stay With It

Your pet’s kennel should be like a second home. The more frequently they return to the same location, the easier it’s going to be for them. 

Of course, that also applies to you. Once you’ve become acquainted with a certain kennel and how it operates, scheduling your dog or cat’s stay there should be pretty simple.

Consider Boarding Your Pet For Non-Travel Reasons

Most of our customers book boarding for their pets while on holiday. However, kennels can be helpful in other scenarios. Getting new digs? You might want to board your dog or cat on the day of the move. Weddings, births, funerals, and graduations often get chaotic … especially if you have a houseful of guests. You may want to let your pet relax at their hotel for a few days. Similarly, boarding could be a sensible choice if you are scheduled for a medical procedure.

Find Out Their Schedule 

Try to learn about your animal’s daily schedule at the kennels. If it will be drastically different from what they are used to, make the necessary adjustments ahead of time. Make any modifications to your animal companion’s schedule gradually.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Book Your Pet’s Spot

Kennels can get really busy, especially during high travel times like holidays and summer vacations. You might be able to book a spot at the last minute, but it’s not a given. Book your pet’s boarding place as soon as possible!

Would you like to arrange boarding for your dog or cat? Please contact us, your local Lake Murray, OK pet motel, at any time.

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